July 20, 2012 3:38 PM

IMG'S new Brazilian beauty, Marine Hein, is taking New York's fashion world by storm.

We're not sure if it's her striking bone structure, or her Angelina-esque lips that make her so breathtaking. It's probably a combination. Either way, she is bound to be a New York hit.

Our photographers, Chek Wu, Chama and Maria Karas shot this brunette bombshell separately, exploring her versatility. Check out these awesome shots!

by Abernathy Miller

Nouveau PR supplied clothes, hair by Shingo Shibata, make-up by Asami Matsuda @Magnet.

Photography Chek Wu.  Shirts, glove Waldrip
Photography Chama. Dress Irina Mariuescu
Photography Maria Karas. Jacket, belt A.F Vandevorst. Shoes, Barbara Brioaes.
Photography Chama. Shirts, skirt Not.
Photography Maria Karas. Hoodie, pants Dominic Louis.
Photography Chek Wu. Jacket, harness RAD by Rad Hourani.

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