A Queen Within

June 10, 2013 11:56 AM

This autumn we will all be bowing to the queen as she rises in a new exhibit which will be held at The World Chess Hall of Fame Museum in St. Louis. Bringing together world-renowned designers, such as Gucci and Alexander McQueen, and world champion chess players, A Queen Within explores the many archetypes of the queen. In chess, the queen is the most dynamic and deadly piece on the board- and as any NYC girl will tell you, there’s a little queen in all of us. The clothing explores nine variations of the queen, including, “Enchantress” and “Mother Earth.”

“There is something fascinating about the game of chess and the queen’s role within it,” said Sofia Hedman, curator of A Queen Within.  “She breaks the rules.  She does what she wants on the board.  When we began to research how this kind of thinking has an influence on fashion – and specifically among the private collection pieces that became the starting point for the show – we knew that there was an important story to tell.”      

On June 4, New York was treated to an early preview of the exhibit at Christie’s Auction House. What a royal night it was! Guests were swept away by the fantastical clothing and artwork on display. Bubbles, tubing, and mirrors replace traditional materials for a truly unique expression of royalty.

In St. Louis, each archetype will occupy its own room, giving guests the ability to move in and out of them.  And, although this exhibit will only be open for a limited time in the fall, the preview has shown that it will only leave us craving another game with her highness.  

By Meghan Pero

Photo By World Chess Hall of Fame
Stefano Tonchi; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By World Chess Hall of Fame
Valerie Steele, Amy Fine Collins; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By World Chess Hall of Fame
Brad Goreski; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By Stephen Fisher
Erin Beatty, Max Osterweis; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By World Chess Hall of Fame
Photo By Stephen Fisher
Nicole Miller; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By Stephen Fisher
Phillip Bloch, Adelina Wong Ettelson; Photo By BFAnyc.com
Photo By Stephen Fisher
Photo By BFAnyc.com

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